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The Swaps & Derivatives Market Association (SDMA) is a financial markets trade group of United States and internationally based broker‐dealers, futures commission merchants and investment managers participating in all segments of the exchange-traded and Over-the-Counter derivatives and securities markets.

The SDMA was created as a nonprofit organization in January 2010 and today has multiple member institutions representing all facets of derivatives execution and clearing.

SDMA Members trade, market and/or clear credit, equity and commodity products, including credit default swaps (CDS) and interest rate swaps (IRS), providing improved liquidity, transparency, and reduced transaction costs to the securities and derivatives marketplace.


The SDMA supports effective reform of the Over-the-Counter Derivatives markets. 

Our mission is to advance measures that mitigate systemic risk, increase transparency and provide open and broad access to OTC Derivatives execution and clearing, thereby improving stability to the global financial system.

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